Texas Tech FIJI Chapter Suspended for Nudes

One of the biggest fraternities at Texas Tech, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), has been suspended after someone associated with the fraternity took and distributed a picture of a “partially nude” girl over spring break. Rumor has it that the girl in question was underage, and she was definitely a student at the university. The fraternity is currently undergoing a recruitment ban, which means they can’t accept new members at the moment. As anyone who ever went to college knows, that doesn’t always stop a fraternity from recruiting (and it can potentially mean even bigger and better parties).
The chapter gets around $1,500 for each new member, so without pledges it could be the end. They usually accept a minimum of 35 guys each year. The fraternity sent out a letter asking for donations, and an alumnus is trying to raise $100,000 to help them stay afloat. They’ve already raised $2,800 from four donors.
The brothers claim that the guy who took the picture was only associated with them through friends. Honestly, this probably just means he was pledging. It happened while they were on Spring Break in Alabama, so  it’s less than surprising (once you’re on the beach you’re already half naked, anyway, which makes it the perfect opportunity to yolo). While the chapter is claiming that they’re not associated with the camera man in question, obviously the school disagrees.
If you’re looking for an entertaining way to kill the next hour, check out their Twitter. Their bio is “What does your daddy do?” and I can only hope that one of the members has a daddy that’s a lawyer…

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