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TMZ Says The Cops Could Go After Steve-o Over Sea World Stunt [VIDEO]



Sea World’s PR department has had a hell of a time trying to weather the storm of negative publicity that surfaced since movies like Blackfish revealed a lot of harsh truths about the animal park. Even Jackass star Steve-O is pissed at Sea World for their treatment of their sea creatures and he tried to get back at them by staging a prank on a highway sign and the law could be coming after him for it.

TMZ reported that the California Highway Patrol is investigating one of the pranks that the Jackass star committed for his YouTube channel that went viral last week. He filmed himself trying several times to climb a highway sign that let drivers know the location of “Sea World Drive.” Once he managed to climb the sign, he taped a large banner over the “Drive” part of the sign so it read “Sea World Sucks.”

Now investigators are trying to determine if he broke the law–and if he did, he pretty much gave prosecutors all the evidence they need by recording the stunt and posting it to his YouTube channel. You can see Steve-O’s stunt for yourself below in the embedded video…

TMZ reached out to Steve-O for comment and he pretty much dared prosecutors to come after him almost the same way he did in the video. He told TMZ, “Go ahead and charge me, Sea World Sucks!” I’m sure we’ll all sleep a little better at night knowing that Steve-O isn’t out roaming the streets entertaining us all with his pranks and stunts.

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