Nic Cage Is A Cockney Chinese Warrior In "Outcast" [VIDEO]

Nicolas Cage is back as another aging warrior recruited to defeat an unholy evil in this new trailer for the movie Outcast. 
Cage stars alongside the Star Wars prequel star Hayden Christensen as another sword wielding warrior from the Crusades tasked with protecting a young boy who was destined to become China’s new emperor until a vindictive uncle murders his father and orders his death as well. Christensen travels into the mountains to locate a long, lost warrior known only as “The White Ghost” whom he fought alongside during the Crusades to protect the boy and avenge his father’s untimely death.
For this role, Cage seems to have adapted some kind of mild cockney accent to go with his bleak persona as an aging warrior who just wants to be left alone. Given his track record of accents and epic adventure movies, it could either be a rollicking good time or a hilariously bad train wreck just waiting to happen. Until that time, you can enjoy the trailer for Outcast that hit the web earlier today below in the embedded video…
This feels like another one of Cage’s typical attempts to maintain his relevance as an action movie star. We’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until we get to see the actual movie. We never like to judge a book by its cover. However, we are starting to get a certain Season of the Witch vibe from this thing and that’s not a good sign.

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