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Chelsea Handler’s Sidekick Chuy May Not Be Going to Her New Show



For years, TV’s Chelsea Handler has had her little friend Chuy by her side–but now that she’s making the jump to Netflix, she may not be taking him with her.

TMZ spoke to Chuy’s manager who said that they have yet to receive an offer from Handler’s people to make the transition with her to her new online show on Netflix’s streaming service. There may still be time to make an offer but the manager speculated that the chances are good that it won’t happen because if they were that enthusiastic about bringing Chuy back on board, they would have done it by now. Of course, Chuy’s not one to just sit on the sidelines and wait for an offer to come to him. He’s enough of a celebrity that he’s already gotten offers to do his own show by the end of the year. He even scored a spot on some reality shows such as ABC’s celebrity diving drama Splashwhich he had to leave early due to a leg injury. He’s also going overseas to do his own live comedy tour.

Still, it would be a shame if there wasn’t a spot for the little guy on Handler’s new show in 2016. Imagine if David Letterman hadn’t brought Paul Schaffer with him when he moved to CBS or if Conan O’Brien hadn’t brought back Andy Richter to his new show on TBS after NBC booted him from The Tonight Show.  They’ve both come so far and carried each other to great success (we mean figuratively, not physically, stupid).

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