Creepy "Alien: Isolation" Trailer Shows Ripley Vs. Xenomorphs [VIDEO]

There’s a new Alien game coming to the consoles that’s picked up a lot of buzz with each new trailer and bit of in-game footage that makes its way to the web and the game loving public. The newest trailer comes from the European gaming convention Gamescom and it’s got some wicked footage of our new hero squaring off with a mean looking alien.
If you’re not in the know by now, here’s the skinny on the new Alien game. Players control Ripley’s daughter Amanda who is also trapped on a ship with one of those deadly alien creatures from a first person perspective and it’s up to them help her to outrun and out-maneuver the alien in some very confined spaces and darkened hallways. The latest trailer shows a slick cutscene of Amanda putting together a movement tracker, one of the key pieces of equipment players will use in the game.
Alien: Isolation is an attempt to bring the Alien games back to the original movies’ roots by recreating the same retro look and feel of the futuristic world of the movie while also delivering the same sense of dread and, well, isolation. The latest trailer accomplishes the same feeling…
Every new piece of footage that comes out for this game just makes us more amped and ready to play it. This is shaping up to be the kind of Alien video game that we’ve been dreaming about playing since the first Alien movie prevented us from ever getting another good night’s sleep ever again.

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