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Martin Lawrence On Conan O’Brien: “Bad Boys 3” is Coming [VIDEO]


bad boys 2

Last night on Conan, Martin Lawrence confirmed that Jerry Bruckheimer and company are working on a third Bad Boys movie.

Lawrence confirmed out of the blue that Bad Boys 3 was in the works. He told host Conan O’Brien that he “just spoke to Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday and he said it’s real. They’re working on the script.” So far, no one else has confirmed the sudden news but Lawrence is still a pretty good source and even if it’s not totally true, it would get the ball rolling since it also confirms that he’s interested in the project. Check out the revelation for yourself in this video from…

It’s no surprise that Lawrence would be interested in doing another Bad Boys movie. He hasn’t been in a mainstream movie in almost three years since the last Big Momma’s House sequel and he’s currently on an F/X show called Partners that not many people know about with Cheers and Frasier star Kelsey Grammar. Even Grammar hasn’t found any real success since his Starz show Boss was abruptly cancelled just as it started to gain some steam. This summer, he’s starring in four sequels including the upcoming Expendables 3, a movie that’s already littered with celebrities whose careers have seen better days. Maybe Lawrence can find a part for him in Bad Boys 3 as well.

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