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Why The Snooze Button Screws Up Your Day-And More Morning Links



According to our friends over at The Huffington Post, “drockling” is the official term for drifting in and out of sleep in the early morning. The term was coined by sleep scientists in the 1970s but isn’t really used much anymore. When you let yourself go back to sleep, your body thinks it’s a false alarm and settles back into sleeping. When the alarm goes off again 10 minutes later, your body and brain are taken by surprise and you get that groggy feeling. For more on how to fix your sleep routine, CLICK HERE.

And here are some more interesting links to kick off your Tuesday morning…

•  Man makes nice catch at Wrigley, and throws it back…or does he? [Extra Mustard]

•  There was a real drive-by shooting on the set of the N.W.A. movie [TMZ]

•  Sharks are far less friendly with human teeth [Radass]

•  The best check memos to make your friend look dumb at the bank [Mandatory]

•  Genevieve Morton’s new bikini pics are amazing [Popoholic]

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