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Purdue University Invents the First Three Year Degree Program



Tutition and student loan interest rates are being jacked up with each passing year and for some reason, no one has thought to combat the problem by shortening the amount of time a student spends in school to earn their degree. That’s why Purdue University may have the perfect solution to the ridiculous expense of going to college.

Purdue’s Brian Lamb School of Communication won a $500,000 contest to develop a three-year degree program that could replace the traditional four-year plan. Purdue will start implementing the plan in the next fall term in the communications schoolThe plan dubbed “Think 3 Years!” still requires students to finish school with 120 credit hours but in a quarter less time. Students seeking a degree in general communication, public relations, mass communication, corporate communication and human relations can take the new accelerated degree plan.

The school came up with a degree plan that takes away a student’s summer break as they work through their core courses and degree related coursework.  They work year around in classes and are always guaranteed a spot in their required and elective classes if they agreed to the three-year plan. This not only saves them money but eliminates the worry of getting into a certain required class before it fills up with students. Students are also required to commit to a major by their second semester and complete all courses with a passing grade by the end of each semester.

The school estimates that this plan could save the students anywhere from $9,300 to $18,700 depending on in-state and out of state tuition rates.

This is a brilliant idea and something all schools should implement but we thought of another incentive. They should let the students stay on for the fourth year just so they can spend all their time partying and catching up on all the drunken fun they missed.

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