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New “Mortdecai” Trailer: Johnny Depp Might Be On To Something [VIDEO]


Johnny Depp Mortdecai Trailer Video

It hasn’t been a really great run at the multiplexes lately for Johnny Depp. The Lone Ranger was one of last summer’s biggest bombs, and nobody really noticed how great he did as (top-billed) comic relief. Then we got Transcendence as a really dull sci-fi epic that also put audiences to sleep. That was the third disaster in a row for Depp, counting back to 2012’s Dark Shadows.

But it’s looking like Depp might have created a pretty great character in the upcoming Mortdecai–where he plays the titular art dealer who ends up trying to uncover a stash of Nazi gold. It’s set in modern times, but Depp looks straight out of a Swingin’ 60s caper comedy. There’s also a stellar supporting cast with plenty of room for hot babes. Take a look, and then get kind of excited for Mortdecai. You’ll probably have to wait until next year to see it, though…

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