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Graduation Rates Aren’t All That Different for More Selective Schools


college graduation

If you didn’t get into the college of your dreams, don’t fret because they probably suck just as much as the one you’re in right now. A new study found that there was very little difference in the drop out rates between schools that did and did not weed out certain applicants during the application process. [photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

A study conducted by City University in New York found that students who gained admission to certain schools had pretty much the same chance of graduating as those that were less selective. The study completely destroys the idea that more prestigious schools are able to graduate higher numbers of students and allowing more lower-income students entrance would wreck those numbers. It also puts a dent in the theories of those who criticize the use of affirmative action methods as part of the admissions process.

The only major factor in graduation rates was (wait for it) tuition. That’s right, the more money you paid to a school, the higher your chances of graduating on time with a degree. The study found that every $1,000 increase in tuition, their chances of graduating rose by “a fraction of a perfect.” It feels like we’re finding new reasons to punch a student loan broker in the face almost everyday now.

So all of you snobs who go to the “more important” schools can just stick a big, wet, moldy sock in it. Your school isn’t any better than the rest of the schools out there. They all suck equally. OK, I still don’t feel any better now.

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