"Killzone: Shadow Fall" Player Sues Over Lousy Graphics

A PS4 customer who was disappointed with the look of Killzone: Shadow Fall decided that the best way to handle his disappointment was by filing a $5 million lawsuit.
Douglas Ladore filed a lawsuit against Sony Computer Entertainment America in the U.S. District Court of Northern California due to alleged deceptive marketing practices. Ladore claims that the game advertised graphics that were supposed to run at the full high definition level of 1080p but a report at Eurogamer discovered that the game only ran its graphics at 960 and 1080 resolution, which is well below 1080p.
Ladore described the shortfall as “deceptive marketing” and “a technological shortcut that was supposed to provide ‘subjectively similar’ results.” The lawsuit also bluntly described Sony’s claims as “nothing more than fiction.” Ouch. Ladore wants $5 million in damages for this crime against gamers. Sony has yet to comment on the lawsuit probably because they are still trying to catch their breath from laughing so hard.
We’re not saying that the guy should or shouldn’t be compensated for being cheated out of a few extra pixels. We’re not legal experts in any sense of the phrase. Five million dollars just seems a little excessive for purchasing a game that costs around $60. We’re assuming that includes some kind of mental anguish as well but if you’re fragile enough to let a video game push you into a mental institution, maybe legal aid isn’t the kind of aid you should be seeking. Besides, exactly what is a rogue gamer going to do with $5 million worth of Mountain Dew Red Alert other than replaces his entire bloodstream with liquid caffeine?

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