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Megadeth and Spice Girls MashUp For MegaSpice [AUDIO]


Spice Girls - Dave Mustaine-Megaspice

It’s going to be tough to win the internet today–that is, after this amazing mashup of Dave Mustaine’s vocals from “Peace Sells” and the Spice Girls’ instrumental track for “Wannabe.” It’s called “Wannabe Peace” by MegaSpice, and we’re seriously thinking it’s the best song of the summer. All novelty aside, this thing really works (and here’s the Soundcloud link, if this thing stalls up on you).

Let’s give credit to the Reddit community on this one, too. It began with a link to the fine Multitrack Love site, which allows listeners to isolate tracks from a very random collection of tunes. One smart Redditor opened multiple tabs, got Mustaine’s “Peace Sells” vocals playing over the whole of “Wannabe,” and passed the hot tip on in the comments section.

Then a very helpful Redditor synced up the pairing for Soundcloud, and now we’re all having a great time listening to this greatness, which is a real perk to living in the 21st century…

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