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Female Superhero Movie Might Happen In 2017-And More Morning Links



Sony is planning to release a female superhero movie in 2017, which will be a spin-off from “Amazing Spider-Man.” According to our friends over at The Huffington Post, the lead character will be either Black Cat, Spider-Woman or Silver Sable. Felicity Jones played Black Cat in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which would make sense for a standalone showcase, but no decisions have been made yet. Warner Bros. and Disney own DC Universe and Marvel Universe, so the fact that Sony is potentially making a female superhero movie could put them a step above the rest.

And here are some more interesting links to kick off your Tuesday morning…

•  NY hotel fines people $500 for bad reviews [Newser]

•  Map shows each state’s most hated MLB team [Extra Mustard]

•  Naked ninja steals beef jerky and then makes a run for it [Radass]

•  Dwyane Wade’s save the date video is just as cheesy as yours [Fox Sports]

•  Here’s a video of Kevin Bacon singing Footloose [TMZ]

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