10 Horrible Diseases You'll Catch In College Before Ebola [GALLERY]

Hey, have you caught ebola yet? It sounds like we’re overdue for a raging case of ebola here at the COED offices. Every media outlet seems to want to convince us that there’s mutated ebola rampaging across Times Square like a swarm of tourists saying, “Hey, I can’t wait to visit the COED offices!” Mostly because it’s, like, 24-hour beer pong here.
But the good news is that ebola isn’t some kind of zombie invasion. Those can really get out of control. Also, it’s entirely possible that the news media might be hyping up an ebola epidemic in an attempt to get people reading newspapers and tuning in to network news. It’s been a while since that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, you know. Was it hijacked by an ebola strain? Stay tuned after the commercials.
Besides, there’s plenty more for young people to worry about than ebola. Of course, you know about certain diseases that you can avoid by visiting the drugstore before rushing home because you think that you’ll never get lucky again. But there are other diseases that can make you a very unlucky college student. Some of them will make you wish that they’d end with a pastor making a reference to how you were struck down in the prime of your life.
Yeah. We mean that you’ll wish that you’re dead. Which is a lot like being a COED staffer, so we’re going to leave the windows open here in case the ebola really does come to visit. You, however, can start worrying about these fun diseases…

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