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UV Student Gets $215k Settlement For Arrest Over Bottled Water


money and handcuffs

A student from the University of Virginia racked up some big bucks from a lawsuit after police tried to arrest her because they mistook a case of bottled water for a case of beer.

Last April, police met Elizabeth Daly as she walked out of a store with her sorority sisters when she was stopped by plain clothes police officers from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Commission. She did not realize they were law enforcement officials because of their uniforms–so, naturally enough, she struggled to get away since she had done nothing wrong and thought she was being attacked. The plain clothes officers not only had their weapons drawn but one smashed out a window of her SUV with their flashlight as she tried to get away.

She also grazed two of the officers with her car as she fled the scene. Police caught up to her after she called 911 to report an attack only to learn that her attackers were law enforcement officers. She turned herself in and spent the night in jail on felony charges such as assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, all over a case of bottled water.

Daly filed a lawsuit after the ABC expunged her record and both parties agreed on a settlement of $212,500 in a lawsuit in which she originally asked for $40 million in damages. Now she’s 21 years old and able to purchase alcohol legally. Wouldn’t it be sweet if she just spent the whole thing on beer and liquor and threw a bitching kegger right in front of the ABC’s headquarters?

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