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How To Get Watermelons Drunk For National Watermelon Day [VIDEOS]



vodka infused watermelon

Nothing says summertime quite like a nice, ripe, juicy watermelon. This warm weather favorite routinely tops the list of favorite fruits, and the mere smell of it can instantly transport you to some of your best childhood memories.

Watermelon-flavored anything is also a can’t-miss proposition. Whose favorite Jolly Rancher flavor is anything but watermelon? Who hasn’t dreamed of Friendly’s watermelon roll ice cream (at least among those with access to a Friendly’s). Watermelon gummy bears are often the first to sell out in candy stores across the nation, and the thrill of Watermelon Pop Rocks is almost too much to bear.

There is also one sure fire way to ensure that everyone at your summer get together leaves happy, and that’s the old fail safe of a vodka infused watermelon. If you’ve never had a slice of watermelon that’s been marinated for hours in some top shelf vodka, frankly you just haven’t lived.

Check out the video below and make sure that your summer blow out is the one that everyone’s still talking about in the long, dark, cold days of winter. It’s the best way to feel like a kid again, while also exercising your god given right as an adult to get drunk. And for those of you feeling adventurous, check out the Long Island Ice Tea Watermelon video just below…

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