Will Ferrell To Make Movie About Making Of Classic B-Movie? [VIDEO]

It’s about time someone made a movie about acclaimed sex film director Russ Meyer and an independent studio announced that they are making a movie about the time that Meyer teamed up with film critic Roger Ebert to bring Beyond the Valley of the Dolls to the big screen.

Will Ferrell is currently in talks to play Meyer in the movie Russ & Roger Go Beyond, a behind-the-scenes story about how the legendary cult film was made. Meyer made his name throughout the 50s and 60s as one of the first and most successful indie film directors who made cheap but artistic sexplotation movies featuring women with, shall we say, “ample assets.” 20th Century Fox was faltering with their films so they decided to revisit one that worked for them financially, a remake of Jacquline Susann’s tawdry novel Valley of the Dolls. They decided to do a sequel called Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and tapped Meyer to director who hired Ebert to write the story and the screenplay. 20th Century Fox had a lot of faith in Meyer’s direction and ability to deliver a hit movie for practically no budget so they stayed out of his way for the most part. That just meant they were giving the keys of the asylum to the inmates. Here’s a trailer of the movie…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6155Lu6AfI&w=600&h=450%5D

Ebert described Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as a “satire of Hollywood conventions, genres, situations, dialogue, characters and success formulas, heavily overlaid with such shocking violence that some critics didn’t know whether the movie ‘knew’ it was a comedy.” The same could be said of Meyer’s film work. Let’s hope this new movie can pay the same kind of homage to Meyer’s career, which is long overdue.

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