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ESPN Suspends Stephen A. Smith for One Week [VIDEO]


stephen a smith

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently apologized for being Stephen A. Smith and now he’s facing a week long suspension for his horrible comments about domestic abuse.

ESPN just announced that Smith has been suspended for a week for suggesting that women need to do less to provoke men into abusing them while speaking off the cuff about Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice and his pending domestic abuse charges. Rice received a two-game suspension for allegedly beating his wife Janay Palmer, a punishment that many critics said didn’t go far enough for a man accused of striking his wife hard enough to render her unconscious. Smith offered an on-air apology for his comments saying that he did not mean to imply that it was a woman’s fault if she’s assaulted by a boyfriend or her husband. He also called his choice of words “the most egregious error of my career.” We’re sure it won’t be the last most egregious error of his career.

If you haven’t been watching the all-sports network, here are Smith’s original comments on ESPN’s First Take…

Neither suspension goes far enough. Rice literally knocked out his wife in a casino elevator and Smith suggested in not very many uncertain terms that women sometimes deserve to get knocked out for provoking the men who commit violence against them. Both of them basically got what amounts to a small vacation from work.

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