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China Pays More to Get Into College Than They Do on College [VIDEO]



College may be pretty expensive in the States but families in China shell out a hell of a lot more money just to get their kids into a good school, especially if they want to enroll them in a school in the United States.

Forbes writer Zheyan Ni detailed the costs that Chinese families must bear to apply for colleges and the costs can sometimes reach the staggering amount of $70,000. Those costs don’t cover any tuition or fees once a student is accepted into a school. That number only covers services and application processes to even have a shot at applying for school. The bulk of the costs come from travel expenses. Students in China take the SAT just like students in the United States but testing centers aren’t widely available throughout the country. Students have to travel to Hong Kong to take the exam and most students take the test an average of three times before they graduate from high school.

Then if the student seeks to enroll in an Ivy League school in the US, they have to enroll in a special education agency that looks for promising students to recruit into those schools. That can run anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 and there’s no guarantee that they will actually get into such a school. Ni breaks down all of the other high costs of getting into a good school in China in this video…

We spend a lot of time complaining about the high cost of college here in the US and we could probably end this with a lesson about being grateful for the system that we have even if it’s becoming ridiculously expensive each year. The truth is that no one regardless of where they are in the world should have to pay such exorbitant amount of any kind just to earn a decent education and get a shot at a decent living.

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