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LeBron James Event Sells Out Within Hours in Akron


LeBron James Cleveland Event

It’s clear that fans in Cleveland are glad to see LeBron James return home to play for the Cavaliers. They made that perfectly clear when free tickets for an Aug. 8 show at InfoCision Stadium in Akron sold out in a matter of hours with hopes that more tickets will be made available at some point. This stadium holds more than 27,000 people–and according to the Associated Press, the event will be made of a show than a party or rally. [photo: Jason Miller/Getty Images]

Whenever the event truly is, fans have forgotten at least if not forgiven James for leaving four years ago to head to Miami. If 27,000 tickets can be sold that quickly for a simple show that has James involved in it, what is going to happen when single game tickets come out in the near future? Those tickets may go in even less time especially when the Cavaliers play the Miami Heat.

One can only imagine what would happen if James was able to get Cleveland a NBA championship. Right now though, the fans will take anything that can get with James involved in it even if it is just a show. This is the biggest thing to happen to Cleveland since James was originally drafted over a decade ago.


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