Mark McGwire Doesn't Want To Talk to Jose Canseco Again

In the late 1980s and 1990s, Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco aka “The Bash Brothers” were considered the most feared combination of hitters around Major League Baseball. As time has gone by though, Canseco accused McGwire of using performance-enhancing drugs which McGwire admitted to in 2010. Canseco has tried to apologize to McGwire for everything and on Wednesday, McGwire told that “it’s too late. I don’t care to ever speak to him again.”
It would be thought that the two sluggers would be together forever in Oakland A’s lore for helping the team get to three straight World Series. Canseco’s book changed everything though and now McGwire has had enough and that’s perfectly alright. McGwire’s whole life was changed after Canseco came out with his book.
While McGwire has got his baseball life back on track and is the hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Canseco now regrets writing the book and ruining lives. McGwire has every right not to talk to Canseco again but hopefully in time, McGwire will give Canseco already chance. It has been 25 years since Oakland won a World Series title. Hopefully time heals all wounds with the two.

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