Meet The 2014-15 UCLA Cheer Squad and Dance Team [PHOTOS]

There are some exciting new teams hitting the field for UCLA this year–and we’re very impressed by the fine form being shown off by UCLA’s Spirit Squad. We’re talking about some hard-hitting beauties who’ll be taking the field as part of UCLA’s Dance Team, Cheer Squad, and Yell Crew.

We can’t think of a better reason to be following the assorted UCLA Bruins teams–and you’ll also want to keep up through the seasons with the UCLA Spirit Squad’s Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter. The girls are also putting out some very important game footage via their Youtube channel.┬áBut first get to know all the ladies of the UCLA Spirit Squad below–and we’ve added an important factoid from each gal’s profile page, too.

Some of those facts are pretty fun. We’d say that all these ladies look to make good marriage material, but it would be wrong to distract them from their studies as they dropped out of college to take care of us. That’d be pretty traumatic for Bruins fans, too. And if you’re not a Bruins fan–well, that’s about to change…

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