Chicago Blackhawks Fan Sues For Damages A Year After Incident [VIDEO]

 Patricia Higgins Hockey Injury Chicago Blackhawks

Fans at hockey games are always in line to get hit by a flying puck if they aren’t paying close enough attention. Patricia Higgins learned that a year ago, and has filed a lawsuit against the United Center Joint Venture for injuries she sustained during the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. Higgins is saying that there is not a functional safety net which would have protected her from getting hit by the puck.

The thing is that she waited over a year to file the lawsuit. She is looking for an amount not exceeding $50,000 but why did she wait so long? Is it because she hasn’t been able to work since the incident or are the medical bills getting too high? She told Chicago TV stations after the incident happened that her family had Blackhawks season tickets so it can be assumed that pucks have flown in that direction before.

Higgins have been through a lot of surgery and had a lot of stitches from the puck hit but waiting this long just doesn’t look good. The end of this case may have a large impact on how many more nets are put up around hockey arenas. Hopefully, Higgins has recovered fully from all her injuries, but obviously the medical bills continue to rise. They might still cost the Blackhawks some bucks, too..

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