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10 Colleges Get Shot At Scoring Streaming Version Of NFL Sunday Ticket


Every year, most NFL fans who care about games that don’t just hail from their hometown catch up on every game (and we mean EVERY game) with NFL Sunday Ticket but only if they have a DirecTV satellite subscription. This season, that’s gonna change.  An ad appeared on the NFL Sunday Ticket website announcing that the next season of NFL Sunday Ticket will be available online for people with Mac computers and mobile devices with an Internet connection.

That’s been offered in the past, but only to customers who also had a DirecTV subscription. This year, you may not even need that. You’ll be able to access every game without a subscription on your computer, mobile devices and now your Xbox One. And it looks like the Sunday Ticket package is trying to get one thing right from the start. The big idea is to allow Sunday Ticket to get into apartment buildings and houses that don’t have access to DirecTV service–but we’re also looking at “select universities” getting access, as well. Ten of them, to be exact. One of them is the University of Southern California, so good for them, but we’re waiting for more announcements.

Of course, the prices differ depending on the number of access options you want but as long as you have a Mac computer, tablet or phone, you can sign up for Sunday Ticket this season. The “Max” plan also throws in access to the Red Zone Channel that shows the touchdowns from every game played and the new DirecTV Fantasy Zone for fantasy football players who wish to have every single moment of their free time sucked up by football.

If it’s confirmed by DirecTV, then this is amazing news. We’ve been shackled by the chains of non-regional programming and stubborn blackout rules for far too long. The only way this deal could get better is if they offered a “Max-Plus” package that would launch beers directly from our screens into our hands and give us the scores of the game before they aired so we could make up the money we lost paying for the service.

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