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This Guy Loves Pizza a Lot More Than You Do [VIDEO]


pizza guy Dan Janssen

Meet Dan Janssen, the self proclaimed “Pizza King” who loves the stuff so much that he’s eaten it every day for the last 25 years.

VICE Magazine’s “Munchies” section did a short documentary on the Ellicott City, Maryland native and his bizarre obsession with one of the greatest and tastiest foods known to mankind. He’s not a snob when it comes to eating pizza. He enjoys and consumes all kinds from the artisanal, handmade pies at four star restaurants to the frozen Red Barons he buys by the armload from his neighborhood grocery store. He’s basically living the kind of life we all would live if nutrition didn’t amount to anything in life.

Pizza isn’t the only thing that he eats. He does eat other things like cereal and milk just to give his body some other kind of vitamins and nutrients that it needs but every day consists of consuming at least one or more slices of cheese pizza. He doesn’t even like vegetables or a lot of toppings on his pizza. He mostly eats straight cheese pies. The health effects haven’t completely escaped him. He may be at a healthy weight and still be mostly healthy but he does have diabetes. Of course, he refuses to blame the pizza. He has a philosophy about his habit that sure he may die from eating all that pizza someday but we’re all going to die from something and when he goes, he’s going to have pizza in his stomach. Who says you can’t take it with you?

Check out the short documentary on Janssen and his obsession in this video…

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