Mysterious Crater Discovered in Siberia’s “End of the World”

Scientists are scratching their heads over a large crater that suddenly appeared in Siberia and if that wasn’t creepy enough, it happened in a town called Yamal that translates to “end of the world.”

The crater is believed to be more than 260 feet wide with an unknown depth. Scientists are on their way to the crater to examine and study it to determine its cause. Some reports claim that the dark color of the inside of the crater is to due to some kind of “temperature processes” indicated by the scorched edges of the massive cavity. It is believed to have started forming around two years ago but no one seems to have an explanation for its sudden appearance.

Right now, it’s true cause is just a matter of speculation. Officials from Yamal ruled out a meteorite crash as the cause. The most likely explanation blames an underground explosion for creating the crater. A scientist from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre claims that a volatile combination of water, salt and gas stored under the Earth exploded and blew up a giant hole out of the ground. Some other scientific minds are blaming climate change for melting the permafrost under the Earth that caused the sudden release of gas and subsequent explosion. Other, shall we say, less educated minds are claiming that a UFO crashed into the Earth and created the crater. If it is a UFO, then we better start preparing ourselves for something fierce to come crawling out of that hole. This is how Alien vs. Predator started.

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