Jenny Lewis Dresses in Drag for “Just One of the Guys” [VIDEO]

Former Rilo Kiley singer and guitarist Jenny Lewis has another album after a seven year absence starting with a new single called Just One of the Guys and a video starring Anna Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson.

Lewis’ new album The Voyager will be released on July 29th and she teased it with a clever video of its first single. The video features Lewis jamming away on the slow, indie rock sound she’s known for with Hathaway, Stewart and Larson pretending to be her backup band in the background. Then it cuts to shots of Lewis and company dressed in bro-drag complete with ridiculous facial hair and jogging suits acting the way they think guys do when they’re together and no one else is looking. We get that the song is all about gender identity and not compromising the special things about you for the sake of fitting in with others but attractive female celebrities dressed in guy drag is funny bordering on scary. Hathaway looks like a young Jeff Foxworthy if he was born in New Jersey and for some reason, Stewart looks even more energetic and animated as a guy. It’s like putting on a mustache makes her realize she doesn’t have to wear her permanent stone face all the time.

Still, it’s a nice song and a fun video so check it out below in the embedded video. Just consider yourself warned and try not to stare directly into Lewis’ mutant soul patch…

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