SWAT Team Raids Gamer For Real During Live Game Session [VIDEO]

The act of “swatting” has almost reached an epidemic level among gamers with evil agendas. It reached a scary, new level after a  SWAT team raided a player during a live gaming session on Twitch.

“Swatting” is the act of a player tracking down another player and getting revenge on them by filing a phony report with their local police department that causes them to send an armed SWAT team to their house. This time, it happened to a gamer named Jordan Gilbert aka nothingtv on Twitch, the live video game streaming service. He was playing the first person shooter Counter-Strike on his channel when he suddenly heard some loud noises that sounded like someone was invading his home. He pulled off his headphones and dashed out of the room to see what was causing the noise. The video stream captured footage of a fully armed SWAT team entering the room and sweeping the area with some not-so-virtual assault rifles. Thankfully, no one was injured and Gilbert said he has a “good understanding with the police station now” with the whole situation. You can watch the full video on Gilbert’s Twitch channel or see a clip from the actual raid on this YouTube video…

Police are investigating the phony call and will surely find and charge the troll who thought phoning in a phony SWAT call as a form of revenge was a good idea. This whole “swatting” thing needs to stop before someone gets seriously hurt. On the other hand, that probably was the most interactive video game experience he’ll ever has in his lifetime.

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