Ray Donovan Motivational Seminars: No Hard Feelings [FULL EPISODE]

Ray Donovan#4

Get ready for the upcoming second season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan with these important tips on how tough guys can fix any situation–and there’s nobody who can fix things like Ray Donovan. Every episode of Ray Donovan has our hero (or anti-hero) in some of the weirdest situations that can happen in Hollywood, or Boston, or anywhere else where movie stars and gangsters need things made right. Check out this helpful clip below, and then enjoy the entire sixth episode from Season One of Ray Donovan below….

Life can get frustrating for even the most experienced fixer. Sometimes, you have to take care of things in a hurry, instead of taking care of things in the most polite way. That’s the situation that Ray Donovan finds himself in during “The Housewarming.” That’s the sixh episode of the first season of Ray Donovan–and those first five episodes were full of trouble. Ray Donovan is finally getting things together with the murderous movie star, and things are almost fixed with a blackmailing transsexual prostitute, but Ray can’t figure out why his father is out of jail a few decades early. Also, the cops don’t seem to mind that the first thing his dad did after getting out of prison was to kill a priest.

Ray needs some answers fast–and a veteran Hollywood fixer doesn’t always have time for niceties. We can learn a lot from both Ray and his associate Frank here. Frank is the FBI agent that’s getting paid good money to give Ray information. He’s also the guy that Ray is about to push off a dock in this clip…

There’s a lot to learn from that exchange. Ray gets the answers he needs while clearly expressing the urgency of the situation. Frank stays calm and proves that he still has value to Ray. And then Ray helps Frank out of the water, because no business is important enough that you need to fracture important relationships. Unless, of course, Ray needs to get out a baseball bat and fracture some other things, too.

So there’s a heartwarming moment in “Housewarming”–which, we’ll remind you, is the fifth episode of the first season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, and you can watch it right now below. Just remember that every episode of Ray Donovan is packed full of very adult situations that may be NSFW. Unless, that is, you’re in Ray Donovan’s line of work. Now start catching up with this episode below…

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