Hostess Brings Back the Chocodile For Summer

The makers of Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs, Snowballs and the Twinkie has brought back an old favorite that many feared was gone forever–the Chocodile.

This Hostess classic is a chocolate covered Twinkie that used to be one of the snack cake company’s signature favorites before it suddenly went out of circulation in the 1990’s and only stated making appearances in a few convenience stores and groceries on the West Coast. It is so beloved that some fans of the treat have been scouring the Internet for one that’s still in its original packaging and were willing to pay five to 10 times¬†what they were worth just to enjoy one again or even as much as $30 a box.

The Hostess shutdown in 2012 made many people fear that the elusive treat was gone forever but now that Hostess is back in business and pumping out Twinkies just like they used to, it seems they are trying to win back some of those fans by re-releasing the classic Chocodile. Hostess also announced that they are not only bringing the Chocodile back but they assured the fans that it would remain part of their lineup for the foreseeable future of the company. The company also announced a new line of flavored Twinkies that include chocolate, strawberry and banana filling, which was the original filling flavor of the Twinkie when it was first released in the 1930’s.

We really know what’s going on here. Think about it. A bunch of states approve¬†medical marijuana use and two states make it completely legal and the Chocodile suddenly makes a comeback. Well played, Hostess.

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