"Talladega Nights"' Young Ricky Bobby Gets Busted Again

The actor who played the 10-year-old version of Ricky Bobby in the Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby has been arrested–again–and this time on a more serious charge.
TMZ reports that Luke Bigham has been arrested a second time since his reckless driving incident on a domestic violence charge. According to police reports, Bigham got into an argument with his mother sometime Tuesday night at her home in Trussville, Alabama when the fight turned physical and he allegedly pushed his mother down the stairs. Police responded to the scene and arrested Bigham on a third-degree misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. He’s currently sitting in jail on a $1,000 bond. Bigham’s mother complained that she was in pain at the scene of the fight but paramedics did not find any injuries. Police wouldn’t say what the fight was about but we can only assume it had to do with something about going too fast.
That’s not just a weak reference to Bigham’s most famous movie role. This is the latest charge to appear on Bigham’s criminal record since last month when he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor reckless driving for allegedly causing a five-car accident. Police reports stated that Bigham was driving 80 mph in a 35 mph zone when he collided with another car.
Bigham turned himself in after getting treated at a nearby hospital and was released after his charge was processed. And we’ve never seen a greater need for an ornery grandma who refuses to let her babies act like shiftless, wild hobos by whipping them into shape with her homespun tenacity .

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