Ray Donovan Motivational Seminars: Be Indispensable [FULL EPISODE]

Get ready for the upcoming second season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan with these important tips on how tough guys can fix any situation–and there’s nobody who can fix things like Ray Donovan. Every episode of Ray Donovan has our hero (or anti-hero) in some of the weirdest situations that can happen in Hollywood, or Boston, or anywhere else where movie stars and gangsters need things made right. Check out this helpful clip below, and then enjoy the entire fifth episode from Season One of Ray Donovan below….

Do you know who’s indispensable to the Ray Donovan cast? That would be Jon Voight, who just landed an Emmy nomination for his work as Ray’s dad in the hit Showtime series. And if you watch Ray Donovan, then you’ll see that the showbiz fixer is in a business where the only person that can be trusted is Ray Donovan. That’s why Ray knows to make sure that his clients have to rely on him.
Check out the clip below from “The Golem.” That’s the fifth episode of the first season of Ray Donovan, with Ray dealing with all kinds of bad news. He’s trying to figure out how his dad got out of prison and has already gotten away with shooting a priest. Also, Ray has a key employee who’s gone missing, and he needs all hands on deck because Ray is still trying to fix matters with a murderous movie star and another celebrity client being blackmailed by a transsexual prostitute.
But does Ray get concerned when Lee Drexler–who sends plenty of work towards Ray–announces that maybe Ray is getting too distracted, and it’s time for Lee to fire Ray? No, he does not, as seen in this clip…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-vXENuS2mw&w=560&h=315]
That’s right, people. Ray Donovan can patiently explain, “I’m not the kind of guy you fire” because there are consequences to firing Ray Donovan. He’s made himself a vital part of his client’s lives, and Lee’s never going to be able to replace him with someone that clients trust (or fear) more.
That’s how Ray keeps his cool in “The Golem”–which is the fifth episode of the first season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, and you can watch it right now below. What we can’t fix, however, is that every episode of Ray Donovan is packed full of very adult situations that may be NSFW. Unless, that is, you’re in Ray Donovan’s line of work. Now start catching up with this episode below (or click through here)…
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