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15 Devastated Brazilians Who Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself [PHOTOS]


Without a doubt there will be moments in your life where you’re going to be down and out. But no matter how bad life might seem at that moment, chances are you’ll be able to get up, wipe yourself off, and get right back out there.

Unfortunately…that was not the case last night for Brazil. The entire nation was forced take all seven goals while curled in a fetal position and praying in Portuguese for the final whistle to blow. Little did they know that their prayers had fallen on deaf ears–Jesus was too embarrassed to be around Brazilians.

So just when you’re feeling like all is lost and hopeless, remember to keep your chin up because you don’t have it as bad as these 15 Brazilians here. And we start with a woman who looks as though she’s just heard news that her only child just died abroad and alone.

FYI, I do really feel for the Brazilian people. There’s just no other option than to laugh hysterically at that historical thrashing they received.

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