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TV Morning Show Forgets to Censor a DMX Song [VIDEO]



A morning news show in New York City tried to play a friendly little game of “Name That Tune” with a DMX song but someone forgot to scrub all the dirty words and references out of it before they played it on the air.

The Tuesday morning episode of Good Day New York started on its unusually chipper note as hosts Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto greeted each other with way more enthusiasm and energy than anyone normally would first thing in the morning. The show usually plays a round of “Name That Tune” to get the day started and this morning, Scotto chose the DMX classic Up in Here as her morning brain buster. Unfortunately, Kelly took his sweet time trying to identify the song and whoever put the audio together for that morning’s broadcast didn’t listen to the whole song because they accidentally aired DMX uttering the phrase “suck my d#*$.” The moment eventually found its way to YouTube as it should so we can all enjoy it without having to get up at some ungodly hour and watch two people who look like they have more energy all day than we do…

The really uncomfortable part of the video wasn’t the initial reaction. It was the way they kept referring to it as they tried to move away from it. It’s like watching a couple fall face first in a big pile of mud and then trying to ignore the fact that they are caked in dirt by giving everyone they see big bear hugs.

Oh local TV news, never stop being you.

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