Ray Donovan Motivational Seminars: Keep The Client Focused [FULL EPISODE]

Get ready for the upcoming second season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan with these important tips on how tough guys can fix any situation–and there’s nobody who can fix things like Ray Donovan. Every episode of Ray Donovan has our hero (or anti-hero) in some of the weirdest situations that can happen in Hollywood, or Boston, or anywhere else where movie stars and gangsters need things made right. Check out this helpful clip below, and then enjoy the entire second episode of Ray Donovan below….

Can you fix things if your clients aren’t focused on you fixing things? Ray Donovan knows the importance of keeping everyone working toward one common goal. It’s not enough to take a closeted gay movie star and arrange for him to be found in bed with the corpse of a girl who’d just died of a drug overdose. There’s always the follow-up.
In the case of movie star Tommy Wallace, there’s the matter of going into rehab. That’s kind of necessary after Ray Donovan makes sure that you’re in the newspaper with the body of a hot babe who just died from a drug overdose. There’s also the matter of Tommy being blackmailed by a transvestite named Chloe, who has video of them together in a very compromising position.
Now watch as Ray (who’s already distracted by his dad getting out of jail and shooting a priest) gets Tommy to contact Chloe directly, and note the importance of keeping Tommy focused on the financial transaction–as opposed to focusing on what Chloe is wearing…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JumKDjVk8yQ]
Yeah, that’s pretty cool–and now you can enjoy how things play out in “A Mouth Is A Mouth.”. That’s the title of episode 2 of the first season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan. You can watch it for free right here and right now. Just keep in mind that Ray Donovan is full of wild situations that are really NSFW. They’re damn addictive, though, and you’ll want to check out all of the first season episodes while getting ready for Season Two. Start watching now and learn even more about how the world really works (or click through here)…
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