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The Story So Far Jumped Their Security Guards On Warped Tour [VIDEO]


The Story So Far Warped Tour Brawl

Maybe you’re feeling too old to be following this year’s Warped Tour, but we’re pretty impressed by the punk spirit that The Story So Far showed off during the tour’s recent Canadian show. The Warped roster had gone up to Montreal this past Saturday, and it seems like the local security guards weren’t particularly considerate to The Story So Far’s fans.

You have to get about :44 seconds into the band’s opening number to see when the bouncers toss a fan to the ground–and vocalist Parker Cannon and guitarist Will Levy jump right off the stage to do some serious battle. It was really more like a quick tussle, and the show went on, but The Story So Far still came out looking pretty good.

There are two videos below. The first has been passed around, and the second is another angle that hasn’t been seen as much. Check it out for more punk spirit than you might expect from the Warped Tour of today…

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