Stuff The Intern Forgot: Facebook Is Toying With Us Again [Links]

Facebook Toying With Us? What Else Is New…

According to our friends over at Newser, Facebook has been doing social experiments that examine whether certain posts have a positive or negative effect on users. Testing is done on everything from font sizes to colors to the depth of shadows. This shouldn’t be too surprising though, since everyone knows that our Facebook feeds are always based on algorithms, and not necessarily what works for us as individuals. CNN writer David Weinberger says that we can’t expect any changes when we’re giving social data to commercial entities whose primary interest is their bottom line, and not the health of our society and culture. To read Weinberger’s full piece, CLICK HERE.

And here are some more intriguing links that our air-headed intern forgot to post…

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Your College Might Suck Even If America Thinks It's The Best
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