Fox Pulls "Hieroglyph" Before It Even Has a Chance to Air [VIDEO]

FOX’s historical drama Hieroglyph has been yanked from the network’s schedule before a single episode ever made it to the airwaves.
The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that FOX decided not to air the first episode or order any additional episodes from the dramatic series set to be released in 2015. The problem stems from a change in management at the network and reports that the scriptwriters including Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham and Fringe’s Miguel Sapochnik weren’t “meeting a certain level creativity” with the subsequent episodes. They did manage to shoot a pilot episode as part of a teaser for FOX’s recent lineup announcement. So if you were looking forward to this show, the most you’ll probably ever see is this trailer…
It may sound unusual and stupid for a network to announce and cancel a show before it ever airs but it’s far from being a first for the TV industry. In fact, it’s already happened two other times on FOX within the last year with shows like the sitcom Us & Them and the animated series Murder Police. One of the most famous pre-show yanks happened in 1976 to the late comedian David Brenner.
NBC had some big plans for a sitcom for Brenner called Snip that hoped to ride the wave of success started by Warren Beatty’s Shampoo. They shot an entire season worth of episodes, promoted the hell out of it and even had a feature story about it published in TV Guide but the network pulled the show at the very last minute presumably because the network feared the backlash from airing a show that featured a gay character.
We’ve come a long way since then. Now networks just pull shows before they air because they are afraid of how much they might suck.

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