George Takei Is Star Trekking In New "To Be Takei" Documentary [VIDEO]

We’re pretty geeky, but we can’t think of any real showcase for George Takei on the acting front–outside of his run on Star Trek as Mr. Sulu, of course. We remember that he did an episode of Six Million Dollar Man, and there was a sci-fi western called Oblivion that was kind of fun, but George Takei is easily way more popular as an icon than an actor. That used to mean sci-fi icon, but then George also became an unlikely gay icon when he came out of the closet in 2005.
Of course, that wasn’t much of a secret to the Star Trek convention crowd. Takei still had his privacy respected by that crowd. Anyway, it looks like all aspects of Takei’s iconic status are being addressed in the trailer for the upcoming To Be Takei documentary. We’re happy to see William Shatner showing up here, since he famously pissed off Takei while allegedly making Mr. Sulu miss his big dramatic turn in the script for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
We’re also getting lots of Takei at his most charming. There’s a reason that the guy is now a proper internet icon, and we’re happy to see the guy getting to be the star of a movie–even if it just his own documentary. Check it out and maybe get surprised at how much you want to see the whole thing….

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