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Guess What These Policemen Were Watching While Inmate Died Of Heart Attack


Let this be a life lesson to you all kiddos, it is never ever ever ever ok to watch porn at work.

Three Birmingham (UK, not Alabama) police officers are under investigation for watching pornography on a computer screen as one of their inmates who was arrested for appearing to be drunk and incapable died of a massive heart attack.

I can understand that working in a drunk tank might not be all that exciting. I can understand that you might not get good wi-fi on your phone because the walls are so thick. I can understand that everyone feels the need to check out and women like Charlotte McKinney. But what I can’t understand is straight-up pornography in the work place. HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN THAT? It’s impossible. And then someone just goes and dies on your watch and you don’t notice because you’re watching porn with two other guys.

Not a good look. But I have to admit that part of me is kind of curious what they were watching specifically.

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