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Jurgen Klinsmann Believes World Cup Is Set Up For Favorites



It was a rough day for U.S. soccer on Sunday with a stunning 2-2 draw against Portugal as the Americans gave up the game-tying goal in the final minute. While the U.S. was within moments of advancing, Coach Jurgen Klinsmann said that the World Cup has been set up with advantages for the favorites. The final group game for the United States comes against Germany, who will have an extra day off and had to travel much less than the Americans for their previous game according to Klinsmann.

It could have been the fact that the team ended up with a draw instead of a win to advance on Sunday but Klinsmann shouldn’t have been making comments like that. The U.S. picked where they would be based in Brazil and it has left the team with longer travel times than everyone else.

Klinsmann should be working on a way to get his team hyped up to beat or at least draw against Germany and hoping for the best in the other group game between Ghana and Portugal in the process. The U.S. weren’t favorites but can make things much more interesting with a win on Thursday.

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