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Will Forte Comes To “The Simpsons” As Long-Lost King Toot


king toot's music store

Former Saturday Night Live star Will Forte is coming to The Simpsons–and he’s voicing a character who’s been around forever but we may have never seen before.

Every time Homer stops by Moe’s Tavern for a drink or 12, you might have noticed another business sitting just next door called King Toot’s Music Store. It’s been a part of almost every shot of Homer’s favorite street corner watering hole. We still haven’t seen much of the actual King Toot in the show’s 25 seasons. Forte will correct that by voicing King Toot in an upcoming episode.

Executive producer Matt Selman said one of the episodes of the upcoming 26th season will feature a story about the eponymous music store owner. He didn’t leak many details about the story line or how the character will be introduced into the show, but we suspect it might have something to do with Lisa’s saxophone, or (what we’re really hoping will happen) a glorious return of the B-Sharps.

King Toot’s has been a part of Springfield almost since the beginning of the show’s very long history but the person who owns it hasn’t been seen or heard or even been outdoors in a very long time. The first time we could remember that involved anyone even setting foot in the store was all the way back in Season 3. That was in the episode “Lisa’s Pony,” when Homer had to buy a 4 and 1/2 saxophone reed for his little girl before deciding to grab a quick beer at Moe’s before King Toot’s closes.

Of course, Homer loses track of time, and ends up insulting either the owner of King Toot’s (or some guy who works there) who also dropped in at Moe’s for a beer. Here’s a screenshot of the guy who at least works at the store…

king toot

That character was kind of a whiny guy voiced by show regular Harry Shearer. King Toot might appear as another character, but we have 20 years of Simpsons trivia locked up in our heads, and that hasn’t been useful until this very moment. So just let us enjoy it.

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