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Someone’s Homemade Bender Head Caused a Bomb Scare


bender head

A suspicious looking package shaped like the head of Bender from Futurama was left on the side of a road near a train station in Fairfield, Connecticut–which, naturally, caused a bomb panic.

A public works employee noticed the wooden Bender head on the side of a road next to the local train station. It had silver paint covering it with a crudely designed face on it and a working, analog clock sticking out of the face. The employee contacted police and responding officers were required to treat it as a suspicious package. The responding call completely shut down the metro train service, as well as the nearby Amtrak trains.

Police recovered the item and noted that there was nothing dangerous about it. An investigation revealed that it belonged to a seventh grader who made the Bender head in his shop class and was carrying it home when he left it on the side of the road to rearrange some items he had in his backpack. Since this was just an accident, no charges will be filed, which isn’t a sentence that someone like Bender hears a lot.

This reminded us of a similar incident from 2008 when two artists put up pictures of the Mooninites around Boston to get the word out about the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie–and for some reason, people thought that someone was planting artistic-looking bombs around the city. People had a good laugh at the time, but we can’t really goof on Boston being overly cautious about bombs now. Still, let’s hope that everyone knows that Splosian Man and Ms. Splosian Man are video game characters and not terrorists.

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