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Find New Drinking Buddies With These Two College Apps


drinking with friends

College can be a daunting place to be on your own for the first time and it can be hard to make new friends. Two new apps called JoinU and HouseTab can help make it just a little bit easier.

JoinU was designed just for incoming college freshmen to give them a leg up on meeting new people before they even set foot on campus. The app offers outgoing high schoolers a series of college networks that shows the names and faces of the freshmen who are also embarking on their road to the real world. You can start chatting with them right from your phone and find people with similar interests or majors and you can even make plans to meet up, hangout and share a drink or two before you’ve unpacked your junk, shelled out six months worth of car payments for a textbook, and put up your favorite supermodel poster in your dorm room.

HouseTab is designed to help you get friends the old fashioned way: by buying a round of drinks. You simply input your credit card information and make sure that your best drinking buddies are signed up on it and head out for a night of fun. You can use it to buy friends and even strangers a couple of drinks if you’re trying to catch the attention of someone cute at the end of the bar. It also solves the problem of having to catch the attention of a bartender in a noisy bar when you’re ready to settle the tab and head to the next watering hole or stumble home for the night because you can just pay for the tab right from your phone.

Just think of it–the entire socialization process for college freshmen has been boiled down to two apps. The only way it could be easier is if iPhones came with a beer tap.

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