7 Painful Movie Musicals Adapted From Broadway Hits


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It’s a weird weekend with director Clint Eastwood bringing Jersey Boys  to the multiplexes. It’s strange enough for the respected director and tough guy to adapt a Broadway musical. It’s even weirder that he’s telling the story of the Four Seasons. Yes, the popular upbeat ’60s pop act had some dealings with the mob, and there was lots of turmoil in the band, but we’re still talking about the Four Seasons. That’s the group with the lead singer who sang like a girl while singing “Walk Like A Man.”
Word isn’t particularly strong for Jersey Boys, but at least Clint Eastwood can’t have made the worst musical adaptation of a Broadway play. There’s just way too much competition for that honor. Check out seven of the worst musical movies to hit the big screen after winning over Broadway–and be grateful that it’s too late for your date to drag you into the multiplex to see them there…
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The King and I (1999)

The original theatrical production by Rogers & Hammerstein was a huge hit. However, the film did not share in its success. Partly because Disney changed pretty much everything about the story with the exception of a few characters. Oh, Disney…

‘Certified Rotten’: 13%

Broadway Premiere:  March 29, 1951

Film Release: March 19, 1999

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Nine (2009)

The original Broadway production won more than 10 Tony’s, including best musical, in 1982. Taking the film’s the star-studded cast into account, you’d think the it would have turned out better than it did.

‘Certified Rotten’: 37%

Broadway Premiere:  May 9, 1982

Film Release: December 18, 2009

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Mamma Mia! (2008)

The show is currently the ninth longest-running production on Broadway, and still going strong! However, we can’t say this much for the film.

‘Certified Rotten’: 54%

Broadway Premiere:  October 18, 2001

Film Release: June 30, 2008


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A Chorus Line (1985)

“A Chorus Line” is the sixth longest-running Broadway production , and took home 10 out of the 13 Tony Awards it was nominated for way back in 1976. Ten years later, the film was nominated for three Academy Awards and went home empty handed. The film mostly compares to the original in that both came up short in three nominations. That’s about the nicest comparison we can think of….

‘Certified Rotten’: 39%

Broadway Premiere: July 25, 1975

Film Release:  December 13, 1895

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Rock of Ages (2012)

The Broadway show that you can bang your head to! This is one of the newer productions on this list, and the show continues to be a big success. The film will also leave you banging your head–but not in a good way.

‘Certified Rotten’: 41%

Broadway Premiere: March 20, 2009

Film Release: June 15, 2012

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The Phantom of the Opera (2005)

This production is the longest-running Broadway production of all time. Yeah, that long. So naturally, someone had to bring this musical to the big screen. And when it didn’t work out the first time, someone tried again–this time, with even worse results! Let’s keep this one in the theatre where it belongs.

‘Certified Rotten’: 33%

Broadway Premiere: January 9, 1988

Film Release: January 21, 2005

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Rent (2005)

This musical was so inspiring and influential that it won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Not many musicals can tack that to their resume. Sadly, a Pulitzer Prize doesn’t really translate to the screen, and neither did this play’s vibrant staging.

‘Certified Rotten’: 46%

Broadway Premiere: April 29, 1996

Film Release: November 23, 2005

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