Two Guys Face Off In MMA Fight While Skydiving-And More Morning Links

Many times when I watch MMA fights, I think to myself, “Is there anything more crazy than this?” Well, apparently there is. According to our friends over at Extra Mustard, full contact skydiving, or FCS, is a combination of traditional martial arts such as Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and variations of Muay Thai, Daito-ryu, and Aikido, teaching fighters timing, mid-air adjustment techniques, and free-fall attack neutralization. To watch the video with commentary from UFC fighter Urijah Faber, CLICK HERE.
And here are some more interesting links to kick off your Thursday morning…
•  Miley Cyrus violates herself with an atomic wedgie [TMZ]
•  Past and present shots of well-known movie sets [The Chive]
•  Naked sunbather causes causes multi-car crash [Huffington Post]
•  GIF proof that cats and dogs get along just fine [Mandatory]
•  500 people, products, and trends that will define 2014 [Ask Men]

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Stuff The Intern Forgot: World Cup Bans 'Beats By Dre' [Links]
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