Tinder Strategy: A Powerpoint Presentation [VIDEO]

We have our own ideas about the best ways to approach the dating and hookup app called Tinder. However, comedian Will Stephen has his own ideas about how to approach women on it. Take note of his disclaimer that Stephen is “not too good at Tinder or online dating.” That’ll make it easier to enjoy his presentation of Tinder contacts sent to random girls that he matched with on Tinder.

We’re not saying that the app is doing much for Stephen’s sex life, but we’re happy that he put himself through Tinder for our entertainment. Watch the video below–and check out more of Will’s writing over at CollegeHumor

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfqOOayViqw&w=600&h=350]0

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John Oliver's Hilarious Washington Redskins Rant [VIDEO]
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