New "Let's Be Cops" Red Band Trailer: Now There's A Plot… [VIDEO]


There’s a new trailer out for the upcoming action comedy movie Let’s Be Cops, starring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. as regular guys enduring merry hijinks after putting on a pair of cop uniforms.
The movie stars Johnson and Wayans as a pair of buddies who discover that just by putting on a pair of realistic looking police uniforms that people think they’re real cops. So they decide to take the act further after one of the greatest nights of their lives and become full-time cops, even though that’s technically a felony and could land them some serious time in jail. They buy the equipment, set up a police scanner and even get a cop car to complete the act. Pretty soon, however, they get caught in a very real case in which a high level drug dealer played by Andy Garcia realizes they aren’t cops and thinks they might be from a higher level of law and drug enforcement. So it’s up to the pair of them to take the drug kingpin down without blowing their “cover.’ The latest red band trailer will explain it all complete with a glorious stream of NSFW words and phrases…
We’re all for this movie and can’t wait to see how it turns the buddy cop genre completely on its head but we’re a little worried now that it’s got a story. We figured it would have to have some kind of plot line in which the boys have to take on some high value case but we were secretly just hoping we could live out a vicarious fantasy of law breaking, vigilante style justice through Wayans and Johnson instead. Maybe that will be the director’s cut when it gets released on Blu-ray.

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