WTF WORLD CUP 2014: And Then There Were Five (Goals)


Remember that time when Spain won the 2010 World Cup? Us neither.
Spain suffered a devastating defeat yesterday at the hands of their Dutch neighbors to the North. The Netherlands football team took a close game and turned it into the most one-sided high profile affair in professional sports since the 2014 Super Bowl.
Upsets happen in the World Cup. What makes this upset the day’s WTF moment is the fact that Spain–a team favored to win the Cup–lost not by one or two goals, but by a four goal deficit. WTF, Spain? It doesn’t help that this 1-5 loss came at the hands of the team they beat to claim the 2010 Cup.
From the Sushi restaurant where we watched the match in Salvador, Brazil, the locals seemed nearly as pleased by Holland’s victory as the Dutch themselves. This probably had something to do with the fact that they see Spain posing the greatest threat to their eventual World Cup victory. Or maybe the three middle-aged women who seemed to be more than few bohemias deep just knew to applaud on cue whenever a goal was scored. Either way, it made for a lively viewing environment.
Take a look at a couple of Holland’s excellent goals:
Despite this defeat, I wouldn’t count Spain out yet. After all, they came out the gates with a similarly inauspicious start against Switzerland in 2010, and look how well that turned out for them. Are the Spanish the masters of the World Cup psych out? If so, well played, Spain. Well, horribly played, Spain.

WTF World Cup 2014: Own Goals, Dead Doves, And Conspiracy Theories
WTF World Cup 2014: Own Goals, Dead Doves, And Conspiracy Theories
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