The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Could Be Coming to Your City [VIDEO]

For years, James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd has been hard at work on a feature length movie about one of his greatest gaming adventures and it’s finally on its way to fill a theater near you with curse words and obscene phrases you never knew existed.
Rolfe posted a video on his YouTube account finally announcing the premiere date of The Angry Video Game Nerd movie. It will get its first official screening on July 21st in Los Angeles at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, the same historic movie theater that first introduced the concept of the Hollywood movie premiere. Then the film will travel the country to cities such as San Diego, Pheonixville, Pennsylvania and New York City where the Nerd himself will make a public appearance before the screening.
The film will also be screened in seven additional cities throughout August so check Rolfe’s Cinnemassacre Productions website for official times and theater location at a city near you. Unfortunately, the film’s not officially ready at this exact moment. Rolfe said that he’s still in post-production and has to add all the music and sound before they can get a complete film but these dates have given him a deadline to finish the thing for the fans. Here’s the official announcement from the man himself…
If you’re not familiar with the Nerd’s antics, then you’re in for a treat when you see the film. He’s one of the first, big YouTube stars and video game personalities to get their start on the Internet long before the likes of Brentalfloss and the Nostalgia Critic. His movie chronicles his attempt to review perhaps the worst video game of all time, E.T. for the Atari 2600, as he and a group of misfits head to that famed landfill in New Mexico where Atari buried all of the remaining copies in the hopes of literally burying their biggest mistake.
We hope that the recent real life excavation hasn’t ruined Rolfe’s plans for the film because we’re hard pressed to think of a worse game he could review. Sure, Aliens: Colonial Marines came pretty close but there isn’t a stockpile of them buried in a landfill…yet.

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